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Full Version: Set up Aprilaire 8870's or buy non-automated controls?
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Hi all,

We just completed construction of our home (designed with automation in mind) and moved in a few days ago. I've found to my chagrin that I didn't research the Aprilaire 8870's deeply enough when I bought them a year ago, and that while they may be stand-alone for basic operation, they don't support scheduling. I'm already catching flak from the wife re: temperature issues Smile

I have zero experience with CQC (purchased but not installed) or the Elk M1G system I have (working as an alarm but nothing more yet, and I haven't been able to get the Elk ethernet expander communicating with the PC yet anyways!). The plan was always to buy automation components that could run stand-alone so that as I had time in the year(s) to come, I could automate them at my leisure.

Doing a quick search on the 8870's in the forums here, it sounds like they might take a lot of time/troubleshooting to get up and running, and working well? And it seems like I'd have to do a crash course in getting CQC set up in addition to the 8870's, I don't know how long that might take either.

THE QUESTION: Is going through the CQC & 8870 setup process to achieve the result of getting a 7-day day/night schedule going to be long and frustrating? Am I better off buying a couple stand-alone programmable multi-stage thermostats (at probably $120/ea??) and replace the 8870's on the walls until someday when I have time and energy and have already been through the CQC learning curve?

Right now I am exhausted to the bone and have a punch-list 3-4 months long of house fixes to think about... I'd make what I have (8870's) work if it's just a few hours, but I get the sense it's a few hours a day for many days, with troubleshooting on the forums along the way, until everything is running well... ?

I'd go ahead an install them and use CQC to set up a schedule. I don't have 8870's myself, buy I would hope they are not hard to set up and connect with CQC.

As far as the scheduling goes, it should be very easy. All you will need to do is set up some scheduled events in the Administrative Interface. The easiest way to learn about it is to watch the scheduled event video that Dean has created.

You'll just create a new scheduled event for every schedule change you want in your HVAC system. So if you want to set the heat back at 10pm at night and then back up at 6am in the morning, you'll create a scheduled event that goes off daily at 10pm that changes the setpoint to whatever temp you want. Then create another scheduled event that runs everyday at 6am and change the setpoint back to whatever temp you want.

To make the schedule 7 day, just make events that run weekly on a specific day rather than creating daily events.

The good news is that you don't need to create any templates or touch the GUI stuff to do what you want. It is the GUI stuff that eats up most people's time and efforts.

Good luck! Let us know if you have any questions. We could probably schedule a "GoTo Meeting" to help you out if you need it too.
I'd go ahead and install them. It may seem daunting right now to do the programming, but if you keep a positive attitude and ask a lot of questions I've found that someone in the forum will answer your questions. My wife was asking me last night how to work the timers I built. Here are a couple screenshots from my system. Next step for me is building interfaces for the wife's iphone. Good luck.

[Image: HVACTimerTemplate.png]
[Image: HVACTemplate.png]
I have the 8870's, and I was disappointed like you when I saw that they didn't support schedules. However, after installing and using them, I find in practice it's not a problem. I've got mine attached to an elk, and all I do is at 8:30 pm and 6:30 am I adjust the setpoint for heat. I leave the high setpoint at 80. Because it displays the two setpoints plus the current temp, it's very easy to manually change if you want.
I also change the setpoints if the alarm is set away mode.
Thanks for the responses/encouragement. I'll give it a shot!

On a lighter note.. Mentioning "heat" is strictly forbidden unless you want to pay my therapy bills! Smile I live in fear of when the gas furnaces next come on. Haven't turned them on since the HVAC guy started them up a few days ago, and I literally had to run out the house with my fingers stuck in my ears when some 10++ interconnected fire alarms all went off in unison with their new-style high-intensity shrieking pulses... With little furniture and tons of uncovered hard surfaces (tile, hardwood floors, etc) it was ear-drum splitting and totally disorienting. I guess the residues burning off from the new furnace installation sets the alarms off. I sure hope they all burned off on the first run...