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Full Version: Honeywell Alarm system?
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Hi all,
It looks like the Honeywell alarm systems, when expanded with an RS232 or ethernet module, can be controlled using the SIA protocol. One of the other participants in the SIA effort is Elk.:-D
If I were looking for a Honeywell driver, would that be relatively easy based on the current Elk driver? Is anyone else interested in Honeywell? An advantage of honeywell is that it is sold in Europe, and Elk is not...
I believe the SAI protocol is used for alarm monitoring (i.e. one of the protocols the alarm panel uses to notify the alarm monitoring company of events when it dials out). ContactID is another one.

That is not the same as what is used by Elk for RS232/Ethernet control/monitoring of the alarm panel by the driver which is an Elk proprietary protocol. BTW Elk is sold under Ness also outside the U.S. Not sure where it is available though.
Looks like it is mostly Australia. Which, I think, will turn out to be even more expensive than buying from the USA, not to mention that the ZWave freq is different there, too! :-(

Looks like I am going to end up with a US import. Chances are that customs will punish me for that decision with a 19% VAT charge plus other import duties, so... Hmmm. Decisions, decisions.