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Full Version: Logon problem after upgrade
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Just upgraded from 3.1 to 3.3 and now when I am on my other computer I can not login to the server with the Interface Viewer, Editor or Adminstrative Interface. Monitor the Log Server works fine. I had it setup in my Environment Variables for CQC_USERNAME & CQC_PASSWORD. Understand can't use the same user anymore so created a new one and changed my environ vars but everytime I try to run the program I get "An exception has occured. You can view the details, and save the error information to a file which you can mail to Charmed Quark for evaluation." Have even removed the environ vars to rule out that but same thing. I am asked to logon and then when I do get the error. Please help.
Did you upgrade both of them? It sounds like not.
Yes, both are on ver 3.3
Went and reinstalled and now it is working. So there must of been a problem with the original install. All good now. Thanks.