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Full Version: Scheduled events editor - howto request
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I wondered if anyone would walk through a howto for the following ?

I have a load of scheduled events, lets say AM water on and OFF

I have these scheduled for specific times, what would be the best way of exposing these values to an interface, so that i can change them from the UI.

I IVB has done something, but i wondered if there was a better way to do it now ?

many thanks, Will
You can directly set scheduled event times. There is an Event Server target that will be available in the action system which allows you to do read and write the schedule info for events. So, in the OnLoad of the template, read in the schedule values and set them on the widgtes. Let the user modify them, then have set buttons as appropriate, on the pressing of which you grab the data the user has set and write it back out.

It's a little tedious but not too hard to do. With all of the variable based widgets now, you can do a data entry screen fairly easily. Check boxes for on/off, static text widgets with inc/dec buttons to run a variable up or down to set times, that sort of thing.
I have a template that directly modifys scheduled events for my lighting. I could help you out if you can't figure out from Dean's comments how to set it up.

[Image: lightschedule.JPG]