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Full Version: Lots of Gear for Sale
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Howdy all,

Below is a large amount of gear I'm looking to liquidate over the coming weeks. I've had a small integration practice on the side that I'm winding down. Everything is new in box (NIB) unless otherwise indicated, and even the used gear is very very lightly used. I'll be putting stuff up on ebay in a week or two. I've got it all up on Cocoontech as well, but I'll try to keep both up to date with sales. Orders over $200, free shipping. Orders under, I'll charge actual shipping cost. Thanks for looking!

$600 - (2) Nuvo Simplese 4 zone amp with all accessories (keypads, etc)
$400 - (1) Nuvo Simplese 4 zone amp only

$150 - (1) Sage HD200 Pending
$135 - (1) Sage HD200 Lightly used Pending
$95 - (1) Sage HD100 Lightly used
$100 - (1) HDHR Lightly Used
$175 - (1) Haupaoge PVR

$20 - (1) D Link Broadband Gigabit Gaming Router
$30 - (1) D link 8 port Desktop Switch
$180 - (1) DroboShare Lightly Used

$300 - (1) Elo 1537L Flush Mount Touch Screen APR Touch Technology (There newest. Glass front can be cleaned with windex, scratch resistant, and extremely accurate)
$300 - (1) Elo 1537L Table Top Touch Screen APR Touch Technology
$250 - (1) Elo 1537L Table Top Touch Screen APR Touch Technology Lightly Used Pending

$225 - (2) TR60 Thermostat WDU with RS485 serial control interface
$150 - (1) Extra TS60 Wall display unit for second zone
$160 - (1) TZ43 Zwave Thermostat

$150 - (3) Brultech ECM=1240 Very lightly used. I'll include as many CTs as you need (I have 200A, 60A, and micro) Pending all 3
$85 - (2) Brultech Etherbee Serial to ethernet converter.

Lighting - Centralite
I have a lot of Centralite gear. All Jetstream. Super easy to install, super easy to program as a stand alone system through a very nice GUI, and easy to integrate with many HA systems.

$165 - (2) Serial Bridge for external HA systems
$65 - (16) White one button switch
$74 - (18) White three button switch
$65 - (9) White one button relay switch for CFL bulbs
$74 - (12) White three button relay switch for CFL bulbs
$50 - (2) Car viser remote
$200 - (1) USB programming stick (I'll rent this out for $20 to people that just need it for a week to program once. They are pretty expensive to do your house once. I can also get more of these if I run out.
$60 - (9) Lamp Module
PM'd you on the Sage HD200
PM sent on Cacoontech on HD 200
PM sent on HD100, my inlaws one just died...
IVB Wrote:PM sent on HD100, my inlaws one just died...

Odds are it is the bad capacitor issue. It's a $5 fix that takes about 15 minutes. There is a how to article on Cocoontech on how to fix it.

Of course if you don't want to fix it, let me know. I might be interested in buying it from you. ;-)
yeah, i'll fix it, but this way there's a backup plan for the inevitable whining about this being broken. (in case another one breaks)
I know what you mean. 3 out of 4 HD-100s that I've bought have had the bad capacitor issue already. So odds are that the question is not IF another one will die, it is WHEN.