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Full Version: Android client ?
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Just to brag some more on my phone - the DroidX. Seems that people have figured out the over/under clocking for this phone now.

Stock was running 1ghz at a frequency voltage of 66. Now I am running a max speed of 1.1ghz, but at a max frequency voltage of just 36. So I should get more power with less battery usage.

On a separate note, it seems that some of the key developers got their hands on a real developers phone and have already figured out a way to run a custom ROM on it. Hopefully that means it won't be long before the general public has access to custom ROMs for the DroidX.

Development has been happening really fast on this phone!
The thread has been split, with the taRiva information moved to the thread:
Should I lock this one?
Might as well, if it's just generic Android stuff it should go in another thread/section anyway, like:
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