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Full Version: Android client ?
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Yes for me as well
Does android support adobes AIR platform? If we could get a riva client in it it could open up a lot of devices.
Not yet but you can make a feature request at
Posted from my HTC Hero
Dean Roddey Wrote:A native app would be beaucoup work if it's going to match the IV's capabilities. I imagine that the small number of thousands of lines of code required to get a RIVA client would make a lot of folks happy and be something doable in a reasonable length of time.
Yes, that's what I thought too, but I just didn't want to start an app and have to replace it by another later on...

So a RIVA client it is! The project is started, but no promises as to when it might start doing anything useful... Wink
You have until the end of the week (if not Yesterday) - you made the mistake of indicating that you have started :-)

Seriously though, it is great news that you are having a go at it, and I think you will (and should) get a lot of support from here.

Fonceur, when you are ready, I have a Sprint HTC Hero that I would be happy to test with.

I think I would also be interested in an Android RIVA client. Specifically, I have my eye on the Notion Ink Adam which will come out this summer. It looks like a much better value than the iPad for home automation purposes (although i know nothing about Android)

link to the device is here: [HTML]
Fonceur, any progress on the Android client?

batwater Wrote:Fonceur, any progress on the Android client?
Sorry, no. Broconne was supposed to send me the sources of his 80% completed java RIVA client, which addressed the lack of "unsigned anything" in java, but no sign of it yet... Wink
Any updates on a droid client? The wife and I are upgrading and one of the only things holding me back is that cqc and HAI do not have a client for the droid.
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