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Full Version: Media Item Browser Current Track Hi-Lite
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I have a Media Item Browser configured as a playlist for an iTunes repository and audio player. I would like the list to scroll as the current track is playing and somehow high-lite the track. I other words, I want to create a list that stays in synch with the currently playing track and at a glance, you can see what track is playing. The indication could be a pointer of some sort or just a "Bold" title for the current track.....Ok so that is what I want, but I can not figure out the best way to accomplish it.. Any ideas?
That would be something very difficult currently. Support for that really needs to be added to the item browser class before it'll be practical to do I think.
I agree and that is sort of where I was heading with the question. For now I have created a pointer numbered 1 - 25 and I bring the pointer on based on track number. Just thought that at some point it would be a nice addition to the browser class.