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Full Version: Record with sage TV and cqc
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Looking to do some OTA HD recording with the sage syatem. Would like some advice/recommendations on what hardware to add to my PC/network to achieve this. Sage supports a lot of devices. Would love to get something that works well with both CQC and he sage system.
Look at the hdhomerun if you just want over the air broadcasts.It will give you two tuners and attaches to your network so you wont have to open up your computer.
I'd second that. It can be a little tricky to set up. Just make sure you read the directions on the Sage forum very well.

The HDHR is nice because it is a network device. It is very stable because you don't have all the common problems with the computer not liking the tuner card. The tuner card isn't in the computer but on the network instead, so you don't have any compatability issues.

It's also priced pretty well considering there are two QAM and two ATSC tuners in it. You can set it up to use both QAM, or both ATSC, or 1 of each.
Thanks for the help. I'll go give it a try Smile
The sage driver is still in progress, but is pretty awesome even in its current form. The author reacts well to donations...

I can third the recommendation of the HDHR.