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Full Version: To antivirus or not??
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I just got an old pc up and running for my first HTPC. I have xp installed on it but i have come to the big decision wether or not to install a antivirus software.

What does everyone else do?? Do you use a antivirus? What do you use? Do you notice any problems with performance or cqc.
I do use work gives me Norton (I think it's Symantec now?) AV to install at home free. I've never noticed any performance issues.

I mainly keep it running because of my wife. :roll: She's facebook'd our PC's a couple times. Even worse is when her mother comes to visit..she's a magnet for poor clicking choices. My CQC server is also the 24X7 kitchen touchscreen, so it gets exposed to lots of nasties when she goes a'clickin'.

Probably as important as the AV stuff is the anti-spam/malware scans...I use malwarebytes for that, works great, but I don't have it running in the background, I just use it periodically to scan.

I heard that Microsoft was coming out with free AV software. I think that'd probably be a good way to go.
MS free software is already available. I'm using it on my parents system, but haven't tried it on mine yet. Seems to work fine so far.
I also recommend Microsoft's Security Essentials for free. I think it runs on XP, Vista, and Win 7, if not others. I haven't seen any performance hits. I've used other 3rd party ones in the past, but always gotten so frustrated because they always broke other things. So far, so good with the Microsoft one. On the otherhand, if this PC doesn't have e-mail, and you don't use it for much web surfing, you could probably do without any.
FWIW I highly recommend Eset's Nod32, I've been running it for going on 5 years now and have never gotten anything nor has any other family member running the product. Way back when I installed Nod32 it founds stuff that Norton had missed. They use a combination of heuristics and pattern matching that is excellent. The other thing that I like is that their subscription mechanism simply involves a user ID and password that is assigned to you when you purchase your contract. No goofy "have I expired yet" algorythms running in the background. Also they have long stuck to the policy of no fluff, all of their code is written in assembly language thus has a much smaller footprint in memory and when processing.
If you're using Comcast for internet, they give McAfee free. I'd be surprised if the other big providers aren't matching that to some degree.

Some of the big AV firms have a pretty big footprint on your PC also. Can't speak to the current version of Norton but on prior I've had trouble with streaming media. Kept checking (and freezing) the files even after white listing.

Avira Antivir has been trouble free that way. I understand AVG is also. Both have the additional benefit of being free.
I installed the the free microsoft antivirus. seems to be working pretty well with no speed reduction. only time will tell.
Thanks for all the input.
I've been using AVS for a long time, and lots of other folks have as well that I've spoken with on the subject. Though, all products, over time, will tend towards consumption of all resources in the universe. It's kind of inevitable due to competitive pressures.
AV is best handled by the manufacture of the OS (so I am told) - hence the new MS AV has been working well and has been getting good reviews.

The fact that it is free is also a big plus.

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