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Full Version: datalog DB driver and existing sql servers
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I have been looking at the datalog db driver and have some questions about my particular setup. I am running WHS and have a couple of databases already running on my server( Mymovies, squeezecenter, maybe one other). I dont really want to add another install or database just for the driver. I already have sqlserver 2005 installed. can I use this to set up a database for cqc?
You should be able to. I haven't tried 2005, but I am using the DataLog DB with the full version of SQL 2008.

Just run the scripts inside SQL Management studio and you should be fine.
There are 'instances' of the SQL engine and each instance can contain multiple databases. For those databases you create yourself, I assume you can choose which instance to connect to (when you log onto the management sudio) and create the database in that instance.
Seems I just needed to add the management software. After that things fell into place.

Edit: actually it seems that the driver is waiting to connect. Anything that I should look at right away?
Put it into verbose and see what's it complaining about.
Got it mistyped the driver field. I'll learn to trouble shoot this myself one day!