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Full Version: button titles and days
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Actually, you need it to cap at the position after the letter, and even in another language there'll still be a space after the day name, so searching for the space and then capping there is the best way to do it (or a comma if it's a comma instead of a space after the name.)
I made this change to my system. Pretty cool. I thought I would post my action commands for others to view.

[Image: WeatherDateAction.jpg]

I've highlighted the "Find" command simply so you can see the specifics of each line. I search for the "," and as Dean said, the system does not include the comma in the resulting GVar.

So then you simply use the Text Widget - Global Variable type to show the results of the GVar.
[Image: VariableTextWidget.jpg]

Here is the resulting IV page.
[Image: WeatherPage-1.jpg]
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