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Full Version: Why "command line" installation?
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I was just wondering why CQC doesn't use one of the many available installers for Windows?
For the same reason we don't use any third party code unless it cannot in any way be avoided, because it's just complications and less control over quality. I don't want any black boxes in this system I can't look inside, unless it's absolutely impossible to get around it, which only is the case in one big sense (the OS) and about 3 smaller senses (a few Microsoft SDKs.)
Here ya go, nice installer complete with source code:

Sometimes you don't want to re-invent the wheel. And as you pointed out in one sense you are already using an enormous amount of 3rd party code.
Thanks, but I'd rather re-invent the wheel, honestly. That would be a big bunch of code that I'd have to learn and understand, that's not integrated into my code base and build system, etc...