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Full Version: Considering the Palm Pre
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Squintz Wrote:Also from a user POV typing anything on their touchscreen keyboard is a pain.
I think the vast majority of iPhone users would disagree with that too. It does take a short time to get used to it, but the capacitive screen is just awesome and I know many that can type on it as fast if not faster than I can on my Tilt with a hard keypad. Plus you don't have to slide anything to get to it, its just there. And if you just turn it, the keypad turns with you, and even gets larger.
Squintz Wrote:With a easy dev environment like the Pre offers I think eventually there will be a ton of apps

This is clearly the bet palm is making, and I bet it will fail. It is the opposite of the path that worked for apple:

Apple (reality):
1) make phone with incredible user experience and restrictive developer experience.
2) incredible user experience attracts and holds users
3) devs/apps follow the $$ despite less than optimal (for them) environment

palm (fantasy):
1) make phone with mediocre user experience and non-restrictive dev experience.
2) non-restrictive dev experience attracts (steals?) developers
3) users follow the apps

2 is the flaw in palm's plan - there's no $$ to follow. this isn't chicken & egg, it's supply and demand.
Palms app store does allow developers to charge and it must be restrictive looking at the current few number of apps the offer. So I'm not sure I follow! The way I see it is that web operating systems like Android and WebOS are the next big thing. The apps use an industry standard (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) as their development language. Anyone that has ever written a website can create an app. I guess it is a little open in that you don't have to go through their app store to load an application if you know how to setup eclipse and put the phone in developer mode. But for the typical phone user they will likely stick with the app store.

I don't think that the Palm Pre is an iPhone killer. iPhone has too much of the market. But I do think the Palm Pre is an excellent alternative.

How many times have we discussed a CQC iPhone App and as far as I know one still does not exist. Is that because most developers don't own a Mac and have never written xcode?

Just about everyone I know, who has ever coded, has written a webpage. The Palm Pre can be developed from Windows, Linux, or Mac. So all that needs to be done to get it to work with CQC is to provide a web service (cqc webserver and a cml page) to provide the data link. Any CQC users can then write a webpage that looks however they want using the free Eclipse editor and a plugin and whatever WYSIWYG editor. Palm even provides a ton of CSS and widgets so you can make your apps as sexy as theirs.
Squintz Wrote:How many times have we discussed a CQC iPhone App and as far as I know one still does not exist. Is that because most developers don't own a Mac and have never written xcode?

You can't blame the iPhone for this, and I think you are missing the point if you think you need to develop a full iPhone app to use the iPhone, or Pre for that matter. Both devices have built-in a great UI program called a web browser. This UI program uses an open standard and can do anything the CQC UI can do. The problem is, CQC doesn't natively support this language called HTML.
Speaking of a web based solution; has there been any wood from vidabox?
They are great browsers but I want an app. I already have a CML website which I like and I could use that but it's just not the same feel as having an app taylored to a specific task.
Sorry, I'm still workin' on it! I got images to show up on the iPhone last night, but there are still a number of buggy things to fix before it's ready, and I'm about to move apartments next week, so it may be another month before I finish it.



I love my Palm Pre. The physical keyboard makes it a joy to type on compared to my wife's iPhone.

Any headway on a way to control CQC from WebOS devices?
palm pre user here, keeping an eye on this thread!


I've been using the iPad/iPhone RIVA client. WebOS would be a better (multitasking) platform.
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