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Full Version: Backing up and Restoring
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I'm sure there is a thread out there that covers this already but numerous searches did not yield me the result.

Can somebody provide a proper procedure to back-up ones entire CQQ installation and then restore. For example during CQC upgrades, server reformats, etc.

Also can a backed-up installation be restored on a different OS and still work? In my case I'm looking to move back from Win2k3 server to XP Pro.
Stop the CQC service, and any GUI programs that might be running on that machine, then just zip up the CQC directory.

There aren't any OS specific issues. You will just end up having to relicense the system, if you move the master server.
[THREAD=6643]This is what I use for backups...[/THREAD]

Don't forget to backup any repo directories also, TM's script doesn't do that and those usually aren't under the CQC directory.
Quote:TM's script doesn't do that and those usually aren't under the CQC directory.

Nor should then be really. Best to not put anything else in the CQC directory. So many people get into trouble by unzipping the installer into the CQC directory or pointing other programs into there or things like that.
So after a reformat i then reinstall the software (so all the components as registed with the OS and all that) and after the installer is complete replace the CQC directory with my backup so that all my customized info is there?
The other way around. Put your backup back, and run the installer again to get it activated.