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Full Version: Clean Install
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Since rebuilding my server from backup and then upgrading from an early beta to the 3.0.2 release, I have very unstable scheduled events... and have issues running the interface editor.

Is there a bast practice for a clean install, and then putting my templates, events, etc back ?

I think I messed my machine up like this before and Dean sorted it, but I can't remember what i need to copy out and back.

thanks, Will
There's no scheme for doing a clean install and bringing forward previous stuff. You'd bring over the old directory to the new machine, or the newly re-worked machine. So don't ever try to copy any files forward from another install directory. If you did that, that may be the issue.

Remove CQC, put your old version on there, then do the upgrade. Make sure that all clients are upgraded as well, in the way outlined in the release notes in the main directory of the installer zip.
ok dean...

so let's say i have my install. I'm on 3.0.2. I want to remove this, keeping my settings, and re-install.

You can't remove it and keep all of your settings. You either upgrade what you have or you start from scratch really.
Your options are to:

1.) Zip up your CQC directory and your repo directories and copy them back then reinstall over them. You should get everything back.

2.) Archive off all of your templates, zip up your repos, custom drivers, record all of your driver settings and triggers, etc. Delete the CQC directory, reinstall. You would need to setup all your drivers again with the same monikers, import all of your templates, setup all of your triggers again, etc.

I usually do 1.) but have had to do 2.) when I accidentally blew away a backup I had.