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Full Version: Help with error of "is not valid IP end point address"
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I'm trying to setup my 3.0 clients and I've run in to this error in my cqcset logs:
Cannot convert the textual address '<cqcserver name>'to an IP address
<cqcserver name>:13502 is not a valid IP end point address

Nothings changed from my 2.4 setup. Same server. same firewall. same network config. The name resolves just fine both fully qualified and unqualified. I ugpraded the server to 3.0 and am trying to install my clients but neither one is connecting. What's wrong?
Are you in a domain or a workgroup?
in a domain. Frustratingly, the error just went away. I didn't change anything. just stopped setup and tried it again.
That may just be a DNS cache thing. Every machine has a local DNS cache, where the results of previous DNS lookups are stored, so that they don't have to continually look up the same addresses. Each entry will live in the cache for so long. If you change the address of a machine or the TCP/IP settings in a way that would affect the host name or address, you will sometimes have to flush the DNS cache to make it show up. The command is something like:

ipconfig /FlushDNS
Odd. I had a run of these in the last 24hrs. Wouldn't have noticed it normally except I was looking for something in my logs. My addresses have been constant for a long time. I originally wrote it off as a network glitch. Coincidence?

Are we talking global conspiracy? :-) We must fight the evil doers and their manipulation of the address resolution mechanisms of decent society!