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Full Version: TT driver won't let me set binding in 3.02...
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...forgive me if I'm cross here but after 15 straight hours of trying to get CQC to just work with MyMovies (it doesn't), I'm attempting to see some success with TT. Of course it doesn't work either...I need the kludgy f'n app control driver to bring the F'N program up but, when I load the f'n TT App Control driver, it asks for the binding (server name) but neither the f'n Binding or Remote Paths will allow me to input any f'n data. Nor can I use the browse option to the left. I've removed the f'n driver and restarted the machine and it still won't take. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME BEFORE I SWALLOW A HANDFUL OF VALIUM....
I just restarted the machine AGAIN and I can at least set text in the Remote Path file but still no Binding...
You wouldn't use the app control system with TheaterTek. It has an IP interface to control it. So it has a full two way control interface. So you want to enable that and then load the TheaterTek driver for the IP interface. The TheaterTek 2.0 one in the supported device list is marked as (Obsolete). The next one down is the TheaterTek IP driver.

If you want to start up it up on the local machine, you can just start it directly from the IV when it's time to run a movie. If you want to start it remotely, you can use the App Control Server, but you don't need to use an app control driver. One of the things it allows you to do is use the System::StartRemApp() command to start up a command on some machine where it's running. It's not being used to control it, just to start it up.

The App Control Server isn't one of the background programs, because it has to interact with GUI programs running in your current session. So it's something that has to be started up. It's one of the Start Menu programs. You can put a short cut to it in the Startup folder to have it start up automatically.

Once you do that, then you can use it with the StartRemApp. And, BTW, when you do that, you'll see the Binding then. The Binding field is showing you all of the App Control Servers that are currently running. You don't have one running so it's not showing you anything.

Hopefully that covers it and prevents an OD? :-) Let me know if you have any other issues.
BTW, I know what you are going through. I sold off most of my store bought music equipment and have been building DIY stuff (way more stuff even after some loss in the resale.) I'm not terribly knowledgeable about such things, so it's been quite a frustrating thing at points.
Dean, what command set is used in the IV to start it up? I don't see it listed as a device write option.

In regards to frustration, one, thanks for "getting it". It makes me feel better. I come in the forums and get frustrated because it seems that everyone but me is a Windows expert. Two, I think much of my frustration could be alleviated if all of the documentation on every driver looked more like the RA doc's. It seems that in most cases the doc's are along the lines of "just load it and here's the reads and writes available" but, there's so little info available on what I'm to put into parameters and such. Am I crazy? Wait, don't answer that...
If you just want to start up a program locally, it's System::ExecApp. You can call it more than once. If the program was previously started and is still running, this will just bring it forward (though that only works if you started it via the IV, not if it is already running.)

I'm having an acronym lookup failure here. What's 'RA' in this case?
Radio RA. That doc has examples and was very easy to understand. Others state things like, and I'm paraphrasing here, "Fill in the parameters" but don't offer any guidance on what those parameters look like...
A lot of them are provided by the person who wrote the driver. Some provide more info than others, and I'm not in a position generally to improve them since I often don't know about the device. So in those cases we get what we get. Though I'm sure that various ones I've written aren't as good as they should be either.
Maybe I'll luck out and those who wrote 'em will see this and say, "you know, he's right. I didn't really give folks much to work with there. I should submit some more material." Or, maybe not and I'll continue to slog...
YEAH! I am a happy mofo this morning (Thanks, Dean!). I can now open TT and start it playing and I'm actually having FUN! Next question, suppose I'm running CQC as the front end on a theater's display and essentially mimicking, say, a K-Scape system (media server). I'll be using focus to control it and I understand how to get TT up to play a ripped movie. Now, how does one "exit" TT at the end of the film and return to my CQC front end?
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