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Full Version: Record From IP Cam Via CQC Only?
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Another noob starting to climb the CQC learning curve.

Managed to stumble through putting some HTML behind one of the widgets and wound up with a CQC window into an el-cheapo IP Cam.

The next logical step is to be able to read an event raised by a motion detector and tell somebody somewhere to record, say, 60 seconds from said IP Cam. A deer munches on the hastas..... some halfwit breaks into the car.... hastas are munched..... car is broken.... but it all got recorded.

I've skimmed the threads - 90 pages - and I see references to "The Elk", which sounds like a separate subsystem devoted to security.

But if I spring for CQC, it will be more because it looks like a technophile's wet dream than any real need for it's extensive capabilities.

Accordingly, I'd want to avoid going into something like Elk and do the job 100% within CQC.

Can this be done 100% within CQC:
  • Motion detector throws a "Motion" event,
  • A trigger somewhere gets flipped, and then...
  • An IP cam's output gets recorded?
Nice to see you made it over to the forum (Pete is a regular on the Sage forum). The Elk is referencing the ELK M1Gold automation panel. It is a security panel that also has some automation type abilities. Of course you can use CQC to duplicate much (if not all) that the ELK does as far as automation. I guess there could still be a couple of devices that ELK supports that CQC does not support yet, but there are fewer and fewer with every CQC update.

Many people like using the ELK and tieing it into the "bigger picture" with CQC because it allows you to react to changes in the security system. For example, when the house is armed away mode, you want to turn off all the inside lights, TVs, and radios. If it becomes night, then turn on the outside lights, etc. When someone comes home and disarms the system, perhaps you want to annouce the number of missed calls and if there are any voice messages, etc. That is just a couple of examples how people use an alarm system (doesn't have to be the ELK) in conjunction with their automation system.

I'll let some of the people that actually have cameras in their setup answer some of your questions. But I believe you will end up with some sort of capture card in the computer that will record the streams from the cameras. I also think some of these cards can be set up to record on motion. A lot of times, you don't need a separate motion detector because the software can detect movement in the camera feed via software. It basically compares the pixels from frame to frame and will record when a certain amount of them change (indicating motion of some type). A lot of them also have some sort of "alarm" input which you could use to trigger the recording via a PIR, etc.

That type of system really wouldn't require CQC to make it work, but you could use CQC to tie it into the larger automation picture - just like we use an alarm (that works fine by itself) and tie it into the larger automation picture.
I use externally generated events from motion detector and vehicle loop detector to capture an image from the IP camera through software. CQC calls my app in response to trigger which grabs the image and saves to disk. Some (IP Kamera 9060) have a command like http://192.168.x.x/snapshot.jpg that streams the current frame and its just a case of saving to disk.

Also the cameras as mentioned by previous poster have internal motion detect and can ftp or email an image based on detecting changes however I've not found this great on my el cheapo camera.

I would agree. You don't need CQC or Elk (or any alarm system) to be able to record from the cameras. Example: I have the Geovision card and have my cameras connected to it. Now built into its software is the motion detection so I have it programmed to automatically record if the camera detects motion. It also has a trigger so I was able to tie this into CQC so when someone is at the front door then CQC will switch to the frontdoor camera for me. So CQC or Elk can help you do more things then just the camera software.

I also would agree about the motion detection. It is nice but not great. I have tried to fine tune mine but it still detects a lot of stuff that I don't want or need: like when a bug flys by or the lighting conditions change. So you need to take that in to account then you are trying to have CQC do something based on motion.