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Full Version: .Net RIVA Client
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Mark, thanks for the quick fix.

My PDA just passed 16 hours of run time with no disconnects at all...
Mine too. I have three iPaqs running the CF client and a Q1 running the FF client. They all made it through the night without a reconnect.

Out of curiosity, would you use the RIVA client on your Q1 instead of the regular viewer outside of testing? is there noticeable performance improvement?
On the Q1 with XP or eXP, you could use the C++ RIVA client. It would probably be lighter weight in terms of network comm than either the regular viewer or the .Net one (which does simple mode RIVA and therefore copies screen captures of the affected areas over the network.)

I'd say try it and see if it works better for you. On the Q1, just remote CQC, then go back and do a remote viewer mode install (not standalone viewer, which would be the regular viewer, but remote viewer.) That will install the remote viewer client and no background services.

You'll need to install the server somewhere as well of course.
I did a couple of tests. My main Q1 is wireless and running the Standalone Viewer. I took the second Q1 and installed the RIVA FF client. Had them connected to the same access point. Tried to compare the speed difference by going between different templates. I tried to hit the same button on the two Q1s at the same time and see which one finished first. It was hard to tell sometimes, but I would say that the Standalone Viewer was consistently faster, just not by very much. The second test was to compare the Standalone viewer to the Remote Viewer. This was so close, that I couldn't say one was faster than the other or not. A real tossup. But remember the Standalone Viewer can do things the RIVA clients or Remote Viewer can't do.

The real improvement though, is the RIVA CF client versus the older XML gateway, DNV product. The RIVA clients are almost full featured and very quick.

I'm missing the logonutilitycf.dll file from my cab install. I'm on RIVA version 1.3B1, is this the most recent (it's from the link on the Try It page).

I get an error starting the IV on my CE device, it's a ObjectDisposedException error.

I can get the remote viewer and the NetClientFF working on the MS.
What version is your CE device? Something is wrong with the installation because that DLL is part of the CAB.
My device is CE 5.0.

Even if I look in the CAB file, the contents don't include the logonutilitycf.dll or any ref to it in the setup.xml.

I also noticed elsewhere you have a version with the resolution of the config on login set to landscape, could you fwd me that verison of the client.

I just looked and there is no logonutilitycf.dll in the project; The logon is part of GraphicFrameworkCF.dll;

There is no version with a landscape logon. The logon dialogs (both prompted and non prompted) resize to portrait or landscape based on the size screen reported here:

void LogonPromptedDialogCF_Resize(object sender, EventArgs e)
            if (Screen.PrimaryScreen.Bounds.Width >= Screen.PrimaryScreen.Bounds.Height)

I don't think that anything changed that would affect you but you should update to the 1.4 version (perhaps I did the portrait/lanscape stuff in that drop). I updated the link on the try/buy page.
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