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Full Version: Official RIVA thread
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Fonceur Wrote:One easy part for protocol 5 could be to accept the client's resolution during the login, without doing anything with it.

Then let say in 4.5 you could pre-scale everything server side, so that people can use their regular templates on devices of any resolution (matching the orientation)... No provided resolution would mean no pre-scaling...

Pre-scaling templates seems like a useful idea, as my main touchscreen uses a fairly low resolution (800x480) which also matched the Nokia, but with riva on my new galaxy SIII, which has a screen 1280x720, the widgets that were kinda small, but usable on a physically large 800x480 screen will be impossibly small to accurately touch on a small physically 1280x720 screen. So the pre-scaling that scales the template background and overlay containers needs to scale the widgets as well.
Wouldn't that, particularly thinking about now and moving forward, be something best done on the client side? Clients these days are pretty good at that sort of scaling, whereas it would be a very significant load on the server to do that for all clients.
I also use an 800 x 480 on all my templates, and have the same problem as kayemsi, where it is a bit small to hit the buttons at times, but on my Android I usually can do it, as the resolution is 960 x 540, but can be tough at times.

I would love to see an option (as I have done it more than once thinking I could) where you could use the thumb-finger spread to get a part of the screen bigger so it would be easier to select an option. Even an option (which may be client side) where you could change the resolution from the current resolution - On the Android it would be hitting the options button - so it could scale one way or the other would be nice.
That would have to be done on the clients really. That's where the drawing is being done, so that's where the raster content of the output is. So such scaling has to be done there.
Dean Roddey Wrote:whereas it would be a very significant load on the server to do that for all clients.
Technically, a typical server is a lot more powerful than any mobile device. Then there's the fact that any CPU cycle spent on the mobile device uses the battery, thus requiring it to be recharged more often...
These days, I would imagine that most of these clients have more graphics oomph than servers do. And you have to remember that the clients can do it with graphics card accelaration assistance, whereas the server has to do it with the main CPU, which isn't nearly as adapted to that sort of work.

But, anyhoo, it's kind of a moot point, since the clients are doing the drawing themselves, so only they have the means to scale the raster contents. The server can't do that for them.
Maybe this should be a question on the android (tariva) thread, but when on the configuration screen, can I put in the size of my main template (800x480) or 950x540 like my bionic version (which is a fairly emtpy template with a 800x480 overlay where I load the main template and a few extra general buttons in the extra space) instead of the devices 1280x720 resolution? Would this cause the app to fill the whole screen with the template (scale it)?
Another general question? If I want to use the same template set as the bionic, do I need to add another cqc/riva account to use my new galaxy or can I just use the same bionic account? The tariva app (v1.07) only has protocol 1 and 2 as choices. I just recently installed the tariva app on my galaxy and set it up with the bioinc account and seems to be working OK. Is there a reason why I would need to add another account for the galaxy besides making another template set for its 1280x720 resolution?
For the most part the only reason you'd need another account is to select a new starting template. You could also do it to allow for higher rights access as well if needed. But for devices used in public and probably set to auto-login, using a limited user account is probably what you want all the time.
kayemsi Wrote:Would this cause the app to fill the whole screen with the template (scale it)?
No that would not result in any scaling. The RIVA protocol version 1 was not sending along the resolution of the template, so that was to help the app deal with the templates properly. But it's handled automatically with the protocol version 2.

There is no real reason to use multiple accounts, unless as was mentioned, you want different starting templates or resolutions.
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