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Full Version: Official RIVA thread
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I Can! Launch a browser window with a URL. If we aren't going to get support for a web widget perhaps something close can be hobbled from this....

Pass Internet, URL, (x,y), (h,w) and use that to display a floating browser window = Web Widget.
could definitely be a way to kludge a web browser widget!
That really is all that is missing from the Riva Client for my needs, and probably not a big deal, but would be nice if you have the bandwidth to do cameras, etc.
I'm happy to add it. It's not much on my side. It could be System::SendRIVACmd() or something like that, to make it obvious what it's for.
OK, it's there in 4.0.16.
Ok we'll play around with it
Has this web widget moved forward on the client side?



indygreg Wrote:Has this web widget moved forward on the client side?


Keeping the thread alive for advancements in modern day web widget workarounds. And not giving up either. Never thought I would see the slide show screensaver feature either and voila.

What happened with the pop up web widget idea?
Dean, a couple questions about the protocol version. First, I was trying to connect to Sam Vimes' server using protocol version 4, but he hadn't upgraded yet. I thought that in past I got protocol version rejects when I tried this. This time it seemed like my login request was accepted, but then the server dropped the connection on me. Do you know what the expected behavior when the client uses an unsupported protocol version?

Second, I was wondering if there was some way to negotiate the protocol version. From the client's point of view, it would be great to use version 4 if available, or version 3 if not (and so on). I guess I could repeatedly attempt a connection with decreasing protocol version numbers until something worked. But might there be a way for the client to send a protocol version number, and the server to counter with the highest version it can support? The client can either disconnect and give up if the supported version is not high enough, or continue, using the server's version. Just a thought -- I don't have a fully-worked-out suggestion.
A question about the RIVACmd: is it intended that the command is not available in a template OnLoad or OnPreload?

I think the suggested use case (at least for a web widget kludge) is that a single template can be made to work with both RIVA and the regular IV by having a web widget (that will display in the regular IV and get ignored by RIVA) and an OnPreload/OnLoad action of form RIVACmd[WebWidget, URL, x1/y1,x2/y2] (that will get ignored on the regular IV and processed by a RIVA client).

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