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Full Version: Changing Repo Names always causes issues
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I know I've run into this problem several times already and it is very annoying. Anytime I change the repository name, the repo widgets have to be completely deleted and rebuilt. It isn't something as simple as changing the repo name in the widget's attributes. You can change the name in the drop down menu, but that has no effect on the widget actually working. There must be a place further down in the widget's code that hangs on to the old repo name and doesn't replace it with the new repo name. There is no way to correct this. The only solution is to delete all the repository widgets and make them again from scratch using the new repository's name.

It would be VERY helpful if the widget would use the name selected in the drop down menu on the attributes - even if you change that repo to another one on the list.
I have seen the same thing as well and the only way I could fix it was to delete and start again

You could probably export the template, change the repo name and re-import the template. That should allow you to select the new repo name...
It should of course take a new selection. If not, that's a bug, and I'll look into it. You do have to actually drop down the list and make a selection at least. But, if you do that, it should take that new one. If you come back into it in the editor later, has it gone back to the original name again?
No the "new" name sticks in the widget. So if you save it and come back to it, it still shows the new name. But if you try to use the widget, you'll get an error that says something like "Old_Repo is not loaded" or something to that effect.
That's wierd. You sure you aren't referencing it in some OnLoad or something like that?
I sort the repo by Artist on load. But that command doesn't reference a repo name or anything like that.

Cover Browser::SetSortOrder
    P1=By Artist

Cover Browser::Hide/Show