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Full Version: Dell has HD-PVR for $173 shipped
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Dell has the HDPVR on sale for $173 with free shipping.

Dell Product Page

use coupon code B0FP12N2JW5L2L

This is only good until Thur Feb 12th
but can we control it via CQC
well, HD-PVR is a misleading name, all it does is capture component signals and trap to your hard disk. Hence, you wouldn't control the HD-PVR, you control whatever is feeding it a signal. I.E., I control my DirecTV HD-stb, and trap the feed onto the hard disk via the HD-PVR. It's a stellar deal, and I had I not just ordered $<x>K of stuff in the past 2 months, i'd get another one.
So you can use one DTV DVR and this PVR and then you can watch a show in any room using the Sage HD Extenders? Can you do that live or only recorded? Sounds tempting for $173
you use a DirecTV STB (don't need a DTV DVR), then you can watch any show live or recorded. Well technically, there's no such thing as "live" tv with Sage, it's all recorded, even if only by 1 second.

The extenders are $200 each, don't forget that cost.
I already have the extenders, so this works great. Just purchased one from Dell. Time to go read up on serial control of the DTV boxes...
i'm still using a USBUIRT with mine, it works fine and is already setup. I actually have a serial cable (which is what you need for serial control), but it's hard to argue with "it works"
I ordered one of these. If you're feeling up to it, you could look at my thread of questions about incorporating Sage into my CQC system...:-D
picked one up last night, thanks IVB.
Yup, I have 3 of the Sage extenders but those are just another thing that I have yet to fully integrate in to CQC Smile
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