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Full Version: Next CQC User Group Webinar: 2/21, 8:30am PST
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The next User Group webinar will be 2/21, 8:30am PST/11:30am EST. And the odds are I'll still be more awake on the call than jkmonroe :-)

You'll need both a PC to watch and your telephone/cellphone to listen. I hear gotomeeting now has some VOIP hookup now for those overseas callers, I'll look into that.

We'll have a mega-abbreviated CQC 101 Overview. The agenda will go something like this:
  • 8:30-9:00am Heavily abbreviated CQC 101. <10 minutes on the ppt, 20 mins going over what the different components are. This compares with the typical 90-120 minutes that it takes. I'll be eliminating massive amounts of detail to fit the timeslot.
    if you're joining in to learn about CQC, PLEASE watch the CQC101 webinar and scan the 101 PDF in my sig. If you come in totally cold & new, I guarantee you that you'll get lost within 15 minutes.

  • 9:00am. Those who are CQC-savvy can join at this time if you don't want to sit through above.
  • 9:00-9:10am. Introductions from everyone, your forum name, what you do with CQC. (we typically do this at 8:30am, but given that the seasoned folks may not want to sit through above we'll do it in the middle.)
  • 9:10am->10:30am. User Group Webinar, covering whatever folks want to discuss or show off.

If you have something specific you already know you'll want to discuss or want to show off, reply here so other attendees who might be savvy with such things can begin mentally prepping.

Here's the login info:
klindy Wrote:Please join my meeting at
Conference Call: (309) 946-4505, access code 902-305-209
Meeting ID: 902-305-209
I'd love some people that are using some of the new features on the latest BETA to chime in and give some real world examples of how it's changed their template design.

That might motivate me to try things out. :-)
dean, thanks for destickying the other thread, can you sticky this one?

And brian, i guess i better try and figure out those damn altering triggered/scheduled events via Dean's new methods; that's a major change (for me), but i haven't had the motivation to learn :-)
Hi IVB. I'm starting over again with Home Automation after being out of it for some time. I would like to participate in the Webinar if you don't mind. Count me in Smile
sure, glad to see you back. you may want to join right at the beginning since i'll be doing that turbo CQC 101 session.
(1) How do I join the Webinar?

There are a few areas I would like to learn about and don't know if they will appropriated for this event (after 9:10).

(2) CQC servers' architecture (what runs on what)
hardware configuration / OS choices
keith - can you setup a gotomeeting invite?

rocker - a link and telephone # will be posted. At 8:30am (or 9:00am if you don't want the CQC 101), click the link. Also use your phone to dial into the conference call #. There *might* be a VOIP thing for those of you without huge calling plans, i can't remember.

When you click the link, you'll enter your name and email address. A window will then pop up on your PC that shows the presenters screen (in this case, me).

Those topics are perfect for a CQC Users group call, although really everything's appropriate - it's meant for users to talk live, show off stuff, etc. We've had some pretty random discussions, but as long as everyone gets value out of it, it's all good.
Please join my meeting at
Conference Call: (309) 946-4505, access code 902-305-209
Meeting ID: 902-305-209

I haven't tried the VoIP feature yet but according to the website it looks like it's an option which logging on. Let me know if you try it and how well it works!
cool, thx dude.

I just realized I gave my really nice VOIP headset/mic to my sister, so I don't think I can try it.
15 mins...
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