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Full Version: ELK suggestions, recommondations?
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I am contemplating getting an ELK system for my alarm system but not sure what else I would use it for. CQC seems to be able to work with thermostats, and my lighting system without it. So other than using it for my alarm system, what other uses is there that CQC can't control or talk to without it?
If you need a lot of I/O for any reason (other than for security I mean) it provides a compact means for that.
1) re-use motion sensors for lighting/HA purposes,
2) keyfobs,
3) maglocks,
4) much easier way of integrating internal door sensors,
5) I connected a pushbutton switch to an elk zone so I can turn/off a light via an LV connection,
6) I connected a $2 "light switch" to another elk zone outside in the patio, and flipping it toggles the outside speakers off or on&set-to-xm-channel-24-and-set-volume-to-30
I/O. Good, and easy solution. We are using HAI, and here are some quick, easy, and sometimes fun solutions

-Door bell detectors
-Automatically turn off/on Christmas lights by a 110v relay
-Indoor and outdoor temp sensors
-Turn off/on speakers and mics for intercoms

The list goes on. The I/O is really valuable. I can not speak for ELK, but HAI's HVAC control is excellent, and very reliable.
Using an ELK or HAI system will allow you to have some of those mission critical automation tasks (not sure exactly what your mission critical things would be) and have them handled by the hardware controller rather than the CQC system. As robust and stable as CQC is, there is a chance it can go down unexpectedly.

But I would say that CQC is getting broad enough through it's ever increasing hardware support to do almost anything that the ELK or HAI can do.

So if you just want CQC to handle anything and are looking at getting just a basic alarm system to use with CQC, then look at the GE (NetworX, Caddx)NX-8E system. This will be much less expensive than getting an ELK or HAI.
I use HAI and CQC as a team, and could not live without either. The HAI gathers 48 zones of information and feeds that to CQC. I have the HAI control the thermostats, control the garage doors, control the electronic locks. Their new RFID access control system is pretty nifty, but I still use a standalone RFID system connected to HAI. All life-or-death systems are run on HAI code, and this includes announcing alarms, controlling the thermostat temps, etc. The new HAI ver. 3 code is really nice because it gives you a way to set night/day/away etc. temps at the keyboard. Eventually I will get a CQC screen to do that, but I'm not there yet.
It seems that everything I need or want to do, CQC handles now without ELK. The GE alarm system you refer to, can that be connected to CQC? I didnt see a driver for it.
Yup, look under supported devices, "security panels" on the CQC home page.

I believe it is the only "alarm only" panel that CQC supports. All the other "security" panels are more than just security (like the ELK and HAI).
i just found it as soon as you posted. I was looking for alarms not security.....thanks!
looks like a complicated system to install. Is the ELK M1 gold more user friendly to get up and running with regards to setting up the motions, smokes, etc....?
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