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Full Version: Need some help with streaming media
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Ok so i have HA PC with CQC, I have a 3-4 terabit NAS storaage unit with all my media (movies, music, photos etc.). They are connected together via an ethernet switch. I also have a Xantech MRC88 6in-8out amplified AV switch that is connected to the HA PC for control. And from the AV switch i feed several rooms with RCA AV. I also have 2 other rooms that have HD TV's in them that i would like to feed the same media to only in HD (HDMI). My delema is the "Black Box" that can be controlled by CQC, that can take all the different media types (Movies, Music etc) and convert them to either the RCA AV for the xantech input and also a HD(HDMI) signal that i can hit a HMDI Splitter to feed the other two rooms with. Not sure if there is software i can use with hardware and just build (2) PC's for streaming media i.e. one for RCA and one for HDMI? if tha is the solution what is the software you suggest for playback? or is there some other external device out there like "popcorn hour" only that can be controlled by CQC?

Hope this made sense...
Ok so the SageTV HD Theater looks like it might be my solution. Can CQC control this device?

Does anyone know anythign about the SageTV HD Theater? can it be controlled by SageTV Media Center? Cuz it looks as though CQC can integrate with SageTV Media Center. Am i correct on this?
CQC can have complete control over either the Sage HD-100 HD extender or the newer HD-200 HD Theater. However, you must be running the SageTV software for the driver to work. In otherwords you cannot run the new HD-200 in its stand alone mode where you don't run the SageTV software and use the CQC driver to control the box.

The SageTV CQC driver is very full featured and works with any SageTV PC client and/or any SageTV HD extenders.