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Full Version: [FS] Sage STX-HD100
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I'm selling my SageTV STX-HD100 HD media extender. It is in perfect condition and comes in the original box :-)

Price is $135 + UPS shipping cost from zip 06484.

[Image: sagetvhd.jpg]
[Image: sagetvback.jpg]
Since I'm a newb when it comes to these....does each extender require an extender license from Sage also? Or do you only have to purchase the extender license once from Sage and it's good for all extenders?

I'd hope that since the HD100 was BUILT by Sage, it wouldn't require an additional license, like my media MVP did.
The STX-HD100 includes one extender license :-)
are you sure? I thought that license was bound to the userid that purchased it. The STX-HD200 doesn't need one.
Yes, the license is embedded into the hardware, same as for the 200.
eh oh, ok, then.