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Full Version: My Movies and HD-200
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Thanks to the support here I've managed to get my movies up and running with CQC - looks great. Now I want to play them throughout the house.
I've got a HD-200 and the sage server. Can I play videos from the my movies repository to the HD-200. I understand that the HD-200 needs to be connected to the sage server, but do I also need to use the sage respository? My ideal scenario is to select the movie from CQC using the my movies repo and play on the HD-200.
yes you can, for the most part it works great... kind of simple setup...
(well, it will seem simple after you get it set up)
A) add your movie folders to sage (ie sage has to know they exist)
B) Load up the Sage CQC driver
C) select a movie from your CQC Repo and send it to the HD200 of your choice...
D) enjoy...