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Full Version: Getting Started Streming Video
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Hi I have asked before how to stream video to all or some of my tv's from My Movie Repo do I buy this
or do I need one per room and does CQC control this box using a driver from the media browser,

What is the HD Extender every one is pointing me too

and Do I need to buy any client software with the sage tv hardware or will CQC take care of That

Well, the HD Theater that you linked to is the new version of the Sage HD Extender. It has several new features including the ability to use the extender as a stand alone media player. So you can simply hook it up to your TV and network and set it up to pull media from other computers around the house.

The problem using it in this stand alone capacity is that CQC cannot directly control it. You could use an IR blaster to control it with CQC, but that is only going to give one way control and requires an IR blaster that is compatible with CQC.

If you buy it with the SageTV Media Center bundle, that includes the HD THeater, but also the SageTV software. So you would install the SageTV software on some computer (generally on a computer that is on all the time and where you have installed any tuner cards should you want to record live TV). Then you connect the Sage HD Theater to the TV and the network, but actually create a direct link between the extender and the computer with the SageTV software. This link is over the network, but it actually links to the software and the software is the conduit to the rest of the network.

The good thing about establishing this link is that we can use the SageTV internal commands to control the extender. Bealzerob has written a CQC SageTV driver that you install on a CQC machine. It then uses this link between the SageTV software and the extender and you end up with two way control of the extender via the network. So there is no other connections needed on the extender (so no need for an IR blaster).

But you must have the SageTV software to use the CQC driver. If you purchase the extender and the software bundled together, it is about $50 more than the extender alone.

Hopefully that helps clear up some of your questions.
Looks Like I need to get one of thease then as I dont have a dvd changer I'd like to rip all my dvd's so that I dont have to prat about changing DVD's in the Control Room. I would also Like to ask the process how you rip your DVD's and catologue them in the repo as you well know they are ts files etc does each dvd need its indavidual folder i.e. \\NAS\Media\Movies\The Rock\Video.ts etc.

any help would be great