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Full Version: remote desktop -- any way to hide mouse pointer?
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For those of you using Remote Desktop clients to view the CQC IV, have you figured out a way to hide the Windows mouse pointer? I have the RDP client working through a Nokia N800 just fine, but when I touch a CQC control, the mouse pointer jumps to wherever I touch. I'd prefer to have it not visible at all.

Any thoughts on how to do this?


If you add a /Kiosk parameter to the interface viewer startup, that should do it.
Unfortunately it didn't. I tried it by itself and in combination with the /FullScreen parameter, but the pointer still shows (though now it's an hourglass all the time). I know the /kiosk mode took effect, because I'm now prompted for admin login when I do a Ctrl-shift-F1.

OK. It must be some sort of RDP'ism then I guess.
Maybe something to do with XPUnlimited. Perhaps I can create a custom set of mouse pointers that are just blank images, then use that set for the user accounts allocated to the RDP clients.

if you're not using this version of rdesktop then i sugest you try it...
Thanks, Willplaice. I'll give it a shot. Looks like it will also allow me to upgrade to OS2008. I'd not been able to find an RDP client that worked on OS2008 previously.

You could alway go into the windows control panel and select a mouse pointer that was very small or create one that is nothing.
That's exactly what I did -- copied a current ".cur" file and modified it to be blank (or rather, all masked out as transparent).