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Full Version: Accusys ACS-7500 Mirroring PATA RAID Box
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This box fits in 2 5.25" exterior bays and provides mirroring RAID all in a single box - you do not need a raid controller, it's built in. It has been used with WD hard drives and was my working raid solution before I pulled it and went with a 3Ware card. If anyone is interested in it, I will consider all reasonable offers or perhaps trades. This would be great for mirroring either your OS or data drive to provide you with a complete, hot-swappable backup for limited downtime and by limited, I mean the time it takes to move the tray from bottom to top and reboot. Smile

I will post a photo after dinner.
SATA or ATA drives?

How muchie?

Parallel ATA ... IDE drives, not SATA. I am looking to get $125, but will consider reasonable offers or trades.
Here are some images and more information:


User Manual:

Latest Firmware (I havent installed this):

[Image: 5.jpg]

[Image: 2.jpg]

[Image: 3.jpg]

[Image: 4.jpg]