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Full Version: Anyone hack together JRMC Playlists via CQC?
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I find myself needing to create a playlist for my mp3's, and playing via CQC. I have JRMC which is really easy to use to build playlists, so i'm wondering if anyone has ever figured out how to use that.

A search didn't reveal much, so hopefully folks did figure this out but just didn't post.
Hmmm. I actually can't figure out how to build playlists for an mp3 collection regardless of application. Doesn't have to be "on-the-fly", a pre-created one will do just fine.
Well, I have an extremely 'hacked together' solution that you probably won't like. Given that mp3s are tiny, and HDD space is cheap, I made a playlist for the wife of about 500 songs. I made duplicates of all 500 songs, and renamed the album for every song Cheri's Music, and gave them all an album cover that she liked. I then set a couple of light switches around the house to start that 'album' playing shuffled in the room where the switch was pressed. Its a terrible solution, but it allows the playlist to be selected from the CAB, as well as triggered from a switch.

Nishan put together a checklist for doing this. I copied it off into my CQC Notes folder. Specific text in there made it easy to Goog search, and I found it in the CQC archive.

I'm hoping to try this one out, so I hope you say it works just the way he outlined it.

Thanks for the webinar yesterday. Very informative.
I use an XSL transform to create playlists based on either genre or artist (or other criteria). I run this on the xml file exported from J River to a generate a tweaked XML file which is the one imported into CQC.

This one contains extra albums with their genre set to: 'By Genre' and 'By Artist' and each playlist becomes an album under one of these genres. The cover art for the playlist is arbitrarily set to the first matching song.

This makes it very easy to play, for example, all the Jazz music. In theory you could write an expression to select the music you want in the file, but it isn't really suitable for handling externally generated playlists.

I've attached the XSL file (which the extension switch to txt from xsl) in case anyone is interested. I run it using the opensource nxslt utility:
[INDENT]c:\bin\nxslt3.exe Music.xml cqc.xsl -o "MJ Library.xml"[/INDENT]