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Full Version: Can I get a SetByte() function for Card2+?
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There's a GetByte(), but I'm setting up a Card8 value and I have to switch all the bytes around. A SetByte(index, Card1) would be really useful.

Of course, I'll be done with this driver before it becomes a reality....but it'd be nice to be on the list. :cool
If you just need to swap the byte order, there's a SwapBytes() method to do that.
Where is the SwapBytes() method? Is that another Easter egg?

Also, in this case, I'm setting the value with 5 bytes, not the full 8. So it'd be easier to set the bytes directly, all 5 of them, than it is to do what I'm doing now, which is set, left shift, set, left shift, etc.
I'll put it on the list. But for now you'd have to stick with the shifting and OR'ing. All of the CardX classes have a SwapBytes() that switches them back and forth between big and little endian format.
sounds good.

Card8 is missing the documentation about Swapbytes().
Yeh, I added that to my list o' doc stuff to get done.