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Full Version: New to Zwave - HA22 controller
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I am just setting up my Zwave network now. Right off the bat I am having trouble controlling the network with the Think Essentials sofware but I am working that out on their forum.

I have a HA22 controller now(and hoping that was the correct purchase)

My question here is for CQC I assume I have to set up a network first and that I cant go right from the HA22 right to the devices?

I guess what I am really asking is do I need any special software to go from CQC to my zwave devices?
You need a master controller for the network. Generally that's a Z-Wave remote controller, like the HA07. The TE software might allow you to set up the USB stick as a master controller, but CQC can't use it like that. So you may need to get the remote control. You use that to set up the network. Then you replicate from the remote control to CQC.
The HA07 appears to be a standalone device(no USB to PC).

So I am assuming then I need a stick like the HA22 in the computer with CQC and the HA22 on the Zwave network?

Or am I totally off base?
Yes, you need the USB stick for the comptuer. The HA07 is a Z-Wave device itself, so it talks to CQC via the USB stick as well (when you do the replication of the remote control into CQC.)