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Full Version: How to work with Image Packs
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I am trying to look at the image packs but I don't know quite how to do this...

I downloaded them and imported them using the admin interface but I cannot seem to navigate to them using the interface editor...assuming this is what I need to use to look at them.

I guess I am also assuming that these are prebuilt themed graphics pages...

Image packs just include sets of graphics. The comments on the download page will indicate where they will show up in the image repository. The images should show up in the indicated location. Are you not seeing the images there?
When I first installed the software I could not see any buttons...I had to copy the buttons over to a user directory to see them as that was the only place the software would let me look. After searching for the image packs...they were in the same original place as the buttons..I just copied them over as well and it worked great...thanks

You can access them where they are. You cannot access them to modify them over there, but you can access them to use them.