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Full Version: Theatertek and other audio players
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Hi guys,
I am trying to setup a multi-zone, file based, audio/video system. I am aiming to use Theatertek as the video player.

What are my options with regards the audio player? I hope it's not just zoomplayer? Any chance of supporting in the future any bit-perfect players like foobar2000 or winamp?

Supporting JRMC would be nice as well as it has multi-zone capabilities built-in.

For the moment, it's Zoom Player. It's the only one with a renderer driver available.
Any plans for supporting something which more audio focused like foobar2000 or winamp?
Winamp would probably be the next likely candidate, since it is supposed to have a dedicated control protocol. But it'll be post 2.0 before I could get around to it.
Would love to see a Winamp driver but Dean I know you have one or two things on your plate right now. Zoomplayer is driving me crazy because of the way it handles certain things. Maybe you could go ahead and have that Winamp driver ready by the end of the week. Thanks :-D
You can start multiple instances of ZP so it works well as a multizone player as well.
yeah i know...i am just not very keen on ZP itself.