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Full Version: CAB showing [Artist] - [Album]?
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Is this possible? I can get one or the other, but can't seem to manage both.

No, it won't show them both currently. It only shows the value that you are sorting by (though if you do year it shows year plus the title.)
Any plans on adding that simple improvement? Pretty hard to pitch a media selection paradigm without it to a user (including myself, who knows all the quirks) used to iTunes or JRMC.
It can be put into the pot of things to consider for 2.5. We could hust move to a token oriented thing where you can set it to display whatever you want (within the list of information that's available at that browsing level.) That would allow you to just set it to arbitrary arrangements (so you'd set something like "%(a) - %(t)" to get artist then title or something like that.
dude, that would be sweet.
super sweet!
Super super sweet.