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Full Version: CQC controlled Thermostats
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It is about time for me to choose a new thermostat for our house and I had a couple questions. I think that I want to go with the RCS brand since its well supported and decent looking. What I am curious about is whether these thermostats can store a schedule in them. I want the schedule to continue even if the CQC Server goes down for some reason. Let me know your thoughts and thanks for all your help.
I have both the ZCV4 Controller & TS40s on one zone and TR40 on the other zone. Both work great and store schedules even if CQC goes down, including being able to program them right at the thermostat.
What components would I need to control a single zone furnace? Just the TR 40 or do I need zone controllers also?
Just the TR40, it comes with a controller that you mount next to the furnace.
I wish the TR40s would sell for around $100. $250 is just too much to swallow. I'd even settle for the TR-16 or even the older TR-15.
Just wanted to say thanks for the help. I'll be sure and get one ordered before the summer ends.
May i ask what unit you use to connect the TR40 RCS with CQC. do you use the 8AH232 or others.

I did use that, but I recently changed to a Moxa 1650(?) 8 port RS232/422/485 unit to consolidate. Any decent 232 or USB to RS485 converter should work.
Thanks for the info.
I will look into that unit. for more detail.

interested to know are you using any hardware to get 485, 232 convert to cat5 and connect to the devices.

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