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Full Version: J River Media install and config
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Is there an HowTo thread for this? I did a quick search on this but didnt see anything yet.

Since CQC 2.0 doesnt have the media repository that will help me. I have decided that J River Media will my mp3 repository. I downloaded it last night and man its really cool! Where have I been?? I love the cover art download part of it, it only downloaded about 70% of my songs conver art but still cool. WMP is what I used for years but this product is far better, I should have looked at it years ago anyways here are my install/config questions.

1. Where do I install it? does it have to be installed on the CQC server.

2. Once installed I will import all my mp3s from my network. I did a test last night and everything imported to genre Blues (all my Rock like AC/DC), I can change the genre by artist though so not the worse situation but there are only a limited number of genre choices so can I create more choices?

3. Is there a HowTO on integrating JRM into CQC?
I have it installed on the same PC that runs the server. Just make sure that you share the drive or folder and give it a name so that in the future if you want to move the harddisk then CQC will be looking for the share name rather than the physical harddirve like G: or C:

Make sure that the images are not saved as part of the file.

Once you have the files in JRMC and are happy with the tag info then just export the library as an xml file and name it what ever you want. Make sure that you do this before you add the driver as the driver will ask for the file name.

Add the driver and follow through the steps...make sure the driver is connected and you are done.

Do you use JRM as your player too? The CQC server would also have a multi-zone audio card install in it then I guess.
No I Don't. I use zoomplayer with CQC as that is the one supported. JRMC have a built in server that you can turn on and then the library is accessible throughout the network.

Keep in mind that CQC only uses JRMC for it's repository capabilities. You have to export the library to an XML file. Currently, CQC only supports zoomplayer as a renderer, so you MUST install ZP on whatever CQC server has that audio card.

As such, it doesn't matter where you put JRMC, only that you put the XML file on a CQC server and that you point the JRMC "cover art" location to that same server. Heck, I use JRMC on my laptop which isn't even on 90% of the time.

I have a super-high-level how-to in that word doc in my skin download, you can check that out. Also, if you're planning on joining the 8:30am PST call this saturday, you can surrender your box control to me and I can set you up in 10mins or so while you watch to see how it works.
It's slightly more efficient to ahve the cover art on the same machine where the JR repository driver is running, but not so much that I'd worry too much about it. What I do is do all the work to rip the content on my work machine. Then I copy the images and XML file up to my CQC server when I've got any new additions made. Same with DVD Profiler.
do you leave the actual songfiles on that work box?
Oh, yeh, I'd also copy the media files up there. This basically achieves two things. One is it allows me to do the work conveniently at my desk, and two is effectively means I always have everything on two machines so I have a backup. The controller machine is RAID1, but still it's best not to temp fate.
Thanks guys,

Im re-organizing my home network and trying to finalize where my MP3s and ripped DVDs will be stored.

IVB, I will definitely be in on one of those meetings in the future. Just no time right now with selling the old house, finishing off the new house.