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Full Version: Hmm. 2.99 strikes against MS with WMP11
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Came across this post on This was part of the concern I had with WMA files/WMP...

Kimmo Jaskari Wrote:Thinking about upgrading to Windows Media 11?

If you've bought some DRM:ed stuff to play on media player... remember how you used to be able to take backups of your "licenses"? Well, that's history now. Hard drive goes bad? Computer flames out for some reason? Poof. There went the music collection you paid for.

The Inquirer: Windows Media Player 11 shreds your rights

And let's not even mention the latest debacle from Microsoft - their Zune player, the would-be iPod killer. Not only does it infect previously non-DRM:ed music with DRM, but it's not even compatible with their oh so wonderfully named "Plays For Sure" nasty DRM crud.

So anyone forking over cash for a Zune player won't be able to play any WMA stuff with DRM on it. Great.. now companies aren't even compatible with themselves on DRM! Yuck!

The Inquirer: Zune won't play MS DRM infected files

Another reason I refuse to buy or encode my music to any kind of DRM.

This is just the start of DRM and it will get worse in the next few years and become more restrictive until the user has no rights to music they purchase and will essentially be renting it.

Just wait till they start trying to impose a fee everytime you wish to record a TV episode witha PVR you bought and then even after you pay for it *poof* it will be erased within a week ;-)