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Full Version: How much memory does the server take up?
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I've installed CQC and am still working on getting it going but I'm now running into problems every now and then about a lack of memory. I've got 1GB and somehow 800MB is being used. I don't have much installed to my knowledge, and I'll keep digging for the culprit, but does anyone know how much memory CQC needs to run and how much it actually uses? It seems like nearly 100MB if I'm adding up all the right programs in task manager.

Do you have a media repository driver on that machine? If so, have you do anything to reduce the size of the cover art? If the answers are yes and no, go to the Learn tab, then the FAQ section and there's a FAQ on how to optimize media browsing by reducing the cover art size.
Not sure on the driver, but I'll check. I certainly haven't done anything to reduce the size of the cover art. I'll take a look, read the FAQ, and report back.