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Full Version: No artwork in Playlists
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Noticed that if I go to Playlists and play a song I don't see the artwork for it, even if embedded, yet if I browse to that same song any other way I do see the artwork. Anybody know why that is?
The artwork is associated with the collections, not with the individual tracks. So even with the non-playlist collections, it just takes the artwork embeddedin the first track of that collection and uses that. It's already very memory consumptive to store one image per collection with large repositories. It would be brutal if we loaded the same image over and over redundantly.
I'm not sure if this is the same problem, but I created a playlist using the CQC Media Repository Manager and when I play the playlist using the built-in CQC Media Player I don't see any cover art for the song currently being played. I would expect that for each song being played that the CD cover art would be displayed. Maybe I'm not associating the Media Image widget with the correct field. Right now I'm associating the Media Image widget with the CurTitleCookie field of the CQC Audio Player driver.
This is an issue that has some deep roots, in a mistake I made. When a playlist is created, new cookies are created for those items, even though they refer back to existing items. But there's no way, after it's done, to map backwards to the original collection that it came from, and that's where the cover art is.

You can set a generic playlist cover art image in the image repository and that will be used. But currently there's no way to get back to the original cover art. The cover art is stored at the collection level, so even if I stored something, when the PL is created, it could only be one image. The only way around it is to have a mapping back to the original collection and that's not there.

This is going to have be dealt with, but it's going to take some significant work.
OK, if it's on the list of things to do then I won't worry about it. Thanks.