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Full Version: Artwork for Playlists
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Is it possible to have Artwork for my Playlists? When I open up Media Browser I have it set to browse my Playlists instead of All Music as that is what I play most of the time but there is not artwork associated with the grouping. Would love if I could add something to it so looks nicer on my overlay.
You can only set a default cover art image for all playlists (except in our repository) since iTunes doesn't provide us with any cover art info for playlists. If you put an image at:


That will be used for any playlists.

* And, just to make sure it's clear... that's the actual image name (PListArt.) So it's not an image with any name you want in a scope called PListArt. It's an image called PListArt in the \User\CQC\Media\ scope.
Where does this directory go, off the root? I can't find any directory like that already in place.
It's in the image repository, not a disc directory.
OK, I'm a dummy. Could someone be more specific on how to get a default image into iTunes so it would show up in the cover art browser?


Upload an image to the image repository. Put it in this scope:


and call it


You'll have to create the CQC and Media scopes if they aren't already there.
Dean I have CQC on my new server now and with ver 4.4 and it is not showing this image for my Playlists. I verified the image is there and good. Did something change or do I need to setup something so this image is viewed when I see my Playlists for my iTunes repo?
It should now show the actual cover art for the item. That was one of the changes that was made. It should now be able to figure out the original collection from which an item within a playlist came, and show the original cover art. Does the song show cover art when played from the original collection?
I actually have all the artwork removed from my songs. This kept the size down for when I have it on my phones. Is there a way to assign the artwork?
You don't have to have embedded artwork for it to work. You can have iTunes, AFAIK, generate external art work JPEGs, and our repo will pick those up and make it available. That won't take up any extra space on your iPhone, since it's not in the media files themselves, but it'll let CQC see the artwork and display it.
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