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Full Version: Lutron Homeworks HWICCO8
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Somebody can advice how I control Lutron Homeworks HWICCO8 controller from CQC?
the best way to use a CCO with charmed is by way of lutron phantom keypads.

i) install, address and use illumination to setup your cco

ii) Using illumination, go to your LOAD configuration screen and setup your CCO loads. a CCO8 will have 8, you can have up to 8 momentary or pulsed loads.

iii) go to your ADDRESSING screen in illumination and assign the LOADs from step 2, to the relays of the CCO.

iv) add a phantom keypad to your system using'll take up an address space on any of your existing keyad links.

v) now assign each LOAD to one, or more than one, button on your phantom. you can now control the LOADs just like you would anything else.

v) now is cqc, load up your Lutron drivers admin interface and add each of the phantom buttons to the config. viola.

** you can add these LOAds to scenes/room scenes/programming logic, etc as well. if you simply want to be able to control the relays, then the phantom is the best way to go.
thank you for the advice.
I will try this week.
Successful control?
Neurorad Wrote:Successful control?
yes, perfect!
ligthing fully automatic in my house, i connected CADDX NX8e with HomeWorks!
CQC cool!