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Full Version: Digit Edgeport 416 on E-bay for $125 or less - (Good through 2/15/08 -6am PST)
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I just picked up a Edgeport 416 for $125 on E-bay and the seller still has three left. For those that don't know, this is a USB to 16 port serial adapter. This could be used in lue of a Moxa card which requires a PCI slot. Dean has stated before that these Edgeport cards are pretty reliable. I picked one up so that I could use the USB connection instead of a PCI card. That way I might be able to eventually get my CQC server on a smaller more energy efficient form.

The seller has them listed at $125 with $12 shipping or best offer. I offered $113 (making it $125 total) and my offer was instantly accepted. So you might have a little more wiggle room if you want to try a lower offer.

Anyway, just thought some one might be interested in it.

Edit - changed title since items are sold out.
Thanks for the heads-up, I bought one also.

Interesting, he must have some "lowest" amount preset for the best offer. I did $100 and that was accepted. Anyone else trying, I would start with lower numbers.

Weren't there some models of this that were less reliable than others? Or am I thinking of something else? They're all sold, by the way.
My $95 offer was declined and now they're all gone. Oh well. :-(
alright, who outbid me. I put an offer in for $88 and someone else got it...
I had one before and it was very unreliable.... I was told that most of the eBay ones are old versions which are not very good.
Not just saying that to make the "losers" feel better, are ya Ron? ;-)
Yeh, you want a fairly new one. They had issues three or four years ago, so you don't want one that old.
Dean didn't you suggest a model number or something, I'm going by memory but I thought you said at had to be least a certain model number or newer?

Dean Roddey Wrote:Yeh, you want a fairly new one. They had issues three or four years ago, so you don't want one that old.
Yeh, there was, but I don't remember the details.
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