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Full Version: CQC controlling VLC or MPlayer on Windows or Linux
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Following the discussions on playback of the newer high definition formats, I am becoming skeptical that TheaterTek or PowerDVD will ever work.

VLC or MPLayer are open source programs seem to playback H.264 and available on both Windows and Linux with a bit more control on the Linux versions.

Could CQC ever control any of the above programs? Just telling a Linux box to start MPlayer or VLC with a file pointed to in a MediaRepo would be great. Linux has IR that would then allow control of playback.
I don't know why the VLC driver wouldn't work, even with VLC running on Linux. It's just a regular TCP port as far as the driver is concerned...I believe.
Give 'er a try. Be warned, though...the VLC driver isn't what you're used to as far as media player control. The protocol is very loose, and doesn't offer a lot.
VLC plays x.264 content fine. But I did hit a wall with the Windows version (not related to x.264). The Windows version of VLC does not handle DD/DTS passthrough correctly. I got the impression googling the problem that whoever is working on VLC is concentrating on the Linux versions more than the Windows versions. There may not be anyone even actively working on the Windows side of it. That's the problem with open-source projects. You can never be shure when a problem gets fixed. They really need to fix this problem, because it's a great platform-independent player otherwise.

I've switched to Zoom and it also plays x.264 content fine under Windows. But I guess Zoom is not multi-platform. But the CQC driver for Zoom is very nice.

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