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Full Version: newbie question about multiple computers, multiple screens etc
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I want to move from just playing to an actual system and I want to know where to find information on the best way to set up a system with multiple computers. If remote computers are running the same screen resolution, can they get all their files from the main CQC computer? If they are running a different rez, do all the screens have to be re-designed? Are they then stored on the local computer or the main computer, or does it matter? Is there any issue of speed (loading screens)?
Also, somewhere I saw information about the computer logging in automatically and some sort of script for setting up the screen display etc, where was I? (too much late night reading and not enough note taking!)
Everything comes from the master server, they aren't stored locally on the clients. You can edit from any machine and you can access from any machine, just install the client side components that you need there.

You would need to design interfaces for the screen sizes you have, though you can often play tricks to make that easier, such as using overlays for most of the info and putting more common widgets around the edge on the larger screens where the space is available.

There isn't any speed issue with getting them from MS. CQC is designed specifically for this type of configuration and it loads screens quite quickly as long as the MS isn't being beaten to death with some other activity, and the client isn't woefully underpowered or out of memory.

For the auto-login stuff, go to the web site, Learn->FAQ and there is an entry in there about setting up Kiosk style touch screens that will provide the info you need.
thanks. I have seen other posts where I get the idea that others would do things a little differently now that they know more. I don't mean the location of the files etc, (as this thread started off as) but rather, any details in general that are better adopted at the beginning? Maybe naming conventions, file hierachy, or something else that I don't yet know about????
It's hard to really say much at that level of generality. The big issue, once you move out to a multi-machine configuration, is whether you will keep all the drivers centralized on the MS, or spread them out, or whether the other machines will be purely clients. Having them just be clients would be the cleanest scenario, but you can have more than on CQCServer installed in the system if that is necessary, such as on on the MS and one in a theater controller machine provding control of the theater devices, and so forth.

There aren't many files that you get to pick the location of with CQC. Mostly it defines where everything goes. If you are going to have ripped DVD media data, then you need to think some about how that will be accessed and where it will be stored.

If you have ripped music data, you generally want the repository driver that manages that data to be on the same machine.

If all you need on clients is the IV, then use the 'standalone' mode, which will not install any background services. If you install any of the background services, then it cannot go to sleep.