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Get the font colour to change as the dynamic text value changes.

Sort of like the xlat function where it changes the dynamic text if it matches, but I want to do it with colours.

ie, when closed I want the font Green, when open it is th be red.

I can do it when the template is loaded, but not dynamically while it is loaded.


The only way I can think of would be to have 2 widgets each with a dif Font color and do a hide show by status
You'd have to just do the text as an image, and use a Boolean Image, right now anyway.
OK Thanks

That was just a simplistic example. I can think of many applications where I could apply it for multiple states I'll just wait until it is available as a feature

You can used the mapped image in many cases to achieve the same thing if there aren't a huge number of potential values.
I can think of a lot of places and times I'd be happy just to change the text color, based on a field value of some kind....
beelzerob Wrote:I can think of a lot of places and times I'd be happy just to change the text color, based on a field value of some kind....

Just as long as it's easier to use than the conditional formatting available in Excel. Excel 2007 is a LOT better than previous versions but it's still a bit odd how it works compared to any other (static) formatting. Perhaps it's just because the conditional formatting is a seperate thing compared to all the other formatting options (font, size, static cell color, etc.). If it was part of the basic formatting options it might be a bit more intuitive.
Part of the problem is there's currently only support for a single field per widget. And there's a lot of complicated stuff going on under the hood to keep track of all that stuff and deal with fields being error and polling them and so forth. Anything like this starts getting into multiple fields per widget, since you need one to drive the actual text and another to drive the color. So it would require pretty significant changes to support something, though the actual changing of the color itself isn't very complicated.
That makes sense. I'd consider suggesting a text widget that takes only color as a field-determined value...but then I realized that all of the text widgets I had in mind also would expect to be able to change the text there's probably not much demand for a static text widget to change.

By the way, this dynamic text/dynamic color widget is the answer to how I'd like to display my temperatures....growing from dark and blue to red depending on temps.

Dean, as a compromise, what if you would be able to define certain colors to be associated with certain field values, or even text values. I'd much rather be able to create one place where I say that "60" equals "blue", and then use that same rule for every temp text label, than have to define a field and array of color rules for every text label.

Or maybe the logic server could also serve up a calculated color, based on field inputs?

Does that make sense? Probably nothing you haven't already thought of....
Yeh, that's more doable to have the value of the field that the widget is associated with be used to drive the color it's displayed in. It would be able to support int/card ranged based fields or enumerated fields, I would assume.