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Full Version: New IP for CQC Server
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I had to change the network address for CQC server due to problems with M1XEP and now I have to change the CQC clients to connect to the new IP. Is there a config file in CQC that I can update to reflect the new IP address or do I have to reinstall the clients?
Assuming you pointed the clients at the master server by way of the machine name, and not using the literal IP address, then they should find it again. You should probably stop the service, flush the DNS cache, and then start the service back up, to make sure. You can flush the DNS cache by opening a command line and doing:

ipconfig /flushdns

Do this after changing the address of the server (and restarting the machine.)
The procedure you described did not work since I used the literal and not the hostname. Moving forward I want to change it so it uses the host name.
You'll just need to run the installer again on each client and refresh your installation and give the host name this time.
Will do. Thanks Dean.